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Do You Like Creating Great Recipes?

Have you ever wondered where all of the great recipes come from on our website? Well, they come from people just like you! Each month we collect recipes submitted by our online customers, in-store customers, friends, relatives, and to borrow a term from Facebook...even friends of friends. Just ordinary people who happen to enjoy good food!

We are always looking for creative and delicious ways to prepare the vegetarian food products that we sell. The recipes may be involved and complicated, simple and easy, or something in between. We want them all because we need tasty recipes to suit every level of cooking expertise.

Vegetable Skallops Ocean Fillets

The best part, (other than the great tasting food we get to try) is that those submitting the top three recipes each month will receive 6 free 13-20 ounce cans of the featured product!

We only ask that you do not submit published, copyrighted recipes. If you have a favorite recipe from a cookbook, just add your special creative twist to make it your own.

Try out these recent winning recipes for inspiration. Just click on the photo.

Chik'n Chunks and Shell Pasta Soup

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